Ongoing projects

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An overview of the projects currently underway at Sports Tech Research Centre. The research is conducted within the three main areas:  "Biomechanics and Performance Optimization", "Human and Equipment Interaction" and "Additive Manufacturing and Materials".


Projekt Aegis


Asthma is relatively common among the population in Sweden, but even more common among those who practice endurance training in the cold, such as cross-country skiers. Can the use of heat and moisture exchange (HME) mask be the solution to prevent this "occupational injury" among elite skiers?

Efterbearbetning additiv tillverkning


The AMPeRE Project, Industrialization of Additive Manufacturing, through multi-purpose post-PRocEssing, is a business-driven initiative focusing on post-processing, specifically for powder bed fusion methods.



BioChange will create conditions for companies to more easily change from fossil based plastics to more biobased plastics by offering quick comparative testing on the raw material before production.

Provstavar Sports Tech

Cold start

The project aims to develop a stable working methodology in the long term in order to be able to use the EBM process to repair details. But also utilize the process's properties, high energy and vacuum environment, to create new material combinations that are not possible in other manufacturing methods.

Projekt airdrag

Effects of air drag and drafting in double poling cross-country skiing

The aim is to study the effects of air drag and drafting in double poling cross-country skiing by examining how much force and energy the skiers can save by skiing behind the front skier.

Peter Malmberg, handcyklist, i Mittuniversitetets vindtunnel.

Hand-cycling, mechanical and physiological effects

Which influence have different riding positions in competitive para hand-cycling? A new study will provide athletes and coaches among others with increased knowledge of the pros and cons with various positions used in competition in parasport and, not least whether they entail relatively similar conditions for the athletes or not.

3d-print Sports tech


The project INNOKOMP, Innovative powder-based component technology, focuses on powder, a green technology, as raw material for further processing. Part of the project focuses on additive manufacturing as an opportunity for advanced and flexible products in terms of production volume and mass production.


Long-term parasport development

Research and development in para-alpine skiing and para-canoeing will contribute to long-term parasport development together with IPC, the International Paralympic Committee.


Pacing strategies in cross-country skiing

In all endurance sports, the choice of pacing strategy is an important component for optimal performance where time gains can be achieved if the speed is adapted to the terrain, wind resistance and the individual's physiological and biomechanical abilities.

Sports Tech Research Centre

Para canoe

In para sports there are differences in performance, which is compensated by classification, where the final result is adjusted depending on the person's impairment. The project aims to make the classification in para sport more fair.

Sports Tech Research Centre

Physiological effects of breathing resistance in equipment for measurements of aerobic energy expenditure

The project aims to study breathing resistance in flow meters, valves, mixing chambers and respiratory hoses, as well as its effects on athletes pulmonary ventilation and aerobic energy expenditure.

Kajsa Nilsson Additiv tillverkning

Production efficiency of Additive manufacturing in metal

The project "Production efficiency of Additive manufacturing in metal, Pro-A" aims to increase the productivity of additive manufacturing in metal with a new type of heating technology of the powder bed.

Sports Tech Research Centre

Running downhill

Being able to keep high speed at steep downhill slopes when running outdoors is an important factor for performance in undulating terrain. However, to date research is sparse regarding the most effective running technique for a fast downhill descent as well as what requirements such a technique puts on the equipment to optimize the body's motion.

Sports Tech Research Centre

Safety systems for head injuries

With the help of a constructed surrogate head with many sensors, the researchers hope to gain knowledge of what is happening in the brain during trauma to the head. In this way, even better safety equipment can be designed that protects against both collision and rotation.



The project aims to establish the region of Jämtland / Härjedalen, Västernorrland and Tröndelag as one of Northern Europe's centers for additive manufacturing and strengthening companies in the region and developing new products.